Added conspicuous design prizes:


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Purple PrizeAchievement PrizeYacht PrizeVehicle Prize
Excellence PrizeFashion Goods PrizePrime PrizeStreet Furniture Prize
Absolute PrizeAccomplished PrizeArchitects PrizeMasters' Prize
Advertisement PrizeFestivals PrizeTop Architecture PrizeTop Designer Prize
Challenge PrizeProfessional Designer PrizeArt Materials PrizeDesignprix Prize
Design, Arts and Architecture PrizeFinancial Products PrizeEnergy Products PrizeConsumeables Prize
Art Goods PrizeWatch PrizeConvention Centers PrizeExhibition Prize
Tradeshow Centers PrizeSummits PrizeGreen Goods PrizeOrange Goods Prize
Red Goods PrizeWhite Goods PrizeBlue Goods PrizeColorful Goods Prize
Design for Future PrizeOutranking Furniture PrizeInteraction Design PrizeInstitute Prize
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